Value creating solutions
in the energy sector

The optimization of the processes of energetics procurement is indispensable to ensure the sustainability and cost efficient operation of businesses. In a world of unpredictably changing speed, it is necessary to employ such an independent consultant that owns up-to-date information regarding market diversity.

Please make contact with our staff of specialists that assist you in the optimization of electricity and natural gas procurement and provide valuable information with you regarding the actual trends of the market.


Free consultancy service

By our free consultancy service, we desire to support clients that need assistance regarding the optimization of electricity and natural gas procurement.

In addition to such consultancy, our staff as procurement specialists may be of assistance to you in all phases of the procurement process. For guaranteed cost reduction, please make contact with us.

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Welcome to the website of Greenergy Market Kft.!

Each member of our constantly growing team is enthusiastic and committed toward the business success of our partners. We proudly render such value creating services to our partners that provide tangible benefits with them.

It is our mission to enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of domestic companies by performing energy procurements and audits, and by assisting in energetics investments.

We are committed toward the expansion of renewable energy and sustainability, and we also put high emphasis on solar power plant investment projects of industrial extent. From planning through financing and implementation to operation, we are capable of implementing our clients’ concepts by taking advantage of the most cost efficient solutions.

Please read our website that describes our corporate operation and provide information with you regarding news and actual trends of the energy market.

Have a pleasant browsing.

Gergő Máté
Managing Director

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