EKR audit

We can assist your business in the full utilization of potentials in EKR. We not only launch energy efficiency projects, but also manage, supervise and finally certify them all the way. We are present from assessment to the closure of the project, throughout the whole process.

Amongst many, we assist you in auditing the benefits linked to the investment, and in choosing the adequate financing scheme as well as the applications of tenders. We will make the best contractors compete, after which we certify and sell investments that can be settled in EKR.

Projects that can be settled in EKR include those connected with buildings, transportation and freight forwarding, and those using renewable energy, as well as industrial systems that control manufacturing processes and production.

Free consultancy service

By our free consultancy service, we desire to support clients that need assistance regarding the optimization of electricity and natural gas procurement.

In addition to such consultancy, our staff as procurement specialists may be of assistance to you in all phases of the procurement process. For guaranteed cost reduction, please make contact with us.