As part of our energy audit service, we assist our clients in carrying out full-scale obligatory enterprise energy audits – every four years – as set forth under ACT LVII of 2015 on Energy Efficiency, as well as in obtaining ISO 50 001 energy certification.

Based on consumption data, measurements and data analytics, our service is designed to help our customers gain a deeper understanding of the energy sources, consumer equipment and potentially energy-wasting points used.

Our qualified energy auditors recommend the best optimization and investment opportunities, providing not only solutions but also tangible benefits to our clients in energy audit reports.

Furthermore, it shall be noted that companies that qualify for ISO 50 001 may be exempted from mandatory energy audits, so we consider it extremely important that we, together with our ISO 50 001 expert partners, can help you obtain and maintain the certification in the long term.

If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact our colleagues.