Energy efficiency proposal package

The energy efficiency proposal package is such a comprehensive service that, in addition to the analysis of energy utilization, includes proposals for energy efficiency.

The implementation of investments focusing on energy saving is the indispensable element of the sustainability strategy.

The tailored proposal package is completed on the basis of data and information collected on the site of the business. Field survey includes the inspection of the primary energy using systems and the evaluation of energy consumption data. Such package summarizes the extent of potential savings and the time period of expected return, in addition to which it also includes the nature of the potential energy efficiency investments as well as the attainable sources of fiscal support for the sake of completeness.

Free consultancy service

By our free consultancy service, we desire to support clients that need assistance regarding the optimization of electricity and natural gas procurement.

In addition to such consultancy, our staff as procurement specialists may be of assistance to you in all phases of the procurement process. For guaranteed cost reduction, please make contact with us.