Energy procurement

The process of energy procurement can be smooth and cost efficient, if you are able to quickly react to actual market trends and prices variations. As an independent procurement consultant, we endeavor to optimize annual electric energy and natural gas procurements, and by our complex service, we are able to assist you in the course of the whole procurement process.

We are present and assist your work from the completion of market analysis, through the determination of price formulas and the full execution of one or more round auctions to the conclusion of agreements. By teamwork, we might as well realize a cost saving of 5-25% to your business.

Free consultancy service

By our free consultancy service, we desire to support clients that need assistance regarding the optimization of electricity and natural gas procurement.

In addition to such consultancy, our staff as procurement specialists may be of assistance to you in all phases of the procurement process. For guaranteed cost reduction, please make contact with us.