Our service provides effective assistance to customers who wish to optimise their annual electricity or natural gas purchases with the support of an independent purchasing advisory team.

We provide assistance in all stages of purchase, more particularly as follows:

  • current market price and trend analysis using benchmark data,
  • definition of a price formula that best suits consumer needs and habits,
  • preparation of calls for procurement, full management of the ECR with a public procurement expert,
  • selection and invitation of a proposed group of dealers to the online auction platform,
  • complete conduct and reporting of one- or more round electronic auctions
  • support and follow-up of contracting processes with the successful tenderer,
  • preparing market reports and analyses on a monthly basis.

 It is important to note that our customers have made significant savings of 5-25% with the help of our experts

  • by tendering energy traders in the online auction space at the same time,
  • through group purchases,
  • by reacting rapidly to market trends and price changes, which is provided to our customers by the software we use and is recognized by a wide range of market participants.

If you are interested in innovative energy purchasing methods and are happy to try to achieve guaranteed cost savings, please feel free to contact us.