Under Government Decree No. 122 of 2015 (V. 26.) implementing the Act on Energy Efficiency, an enterprise whose average annual energy use in the 3 years preceding the current year exceeds

(a) 400 000 kWh of electricity,

(b) 100 000 m3 of natural gas or

(c) 3 400 GJ of heat

shall be obliged to use an energy specialist.

The purpose of our energy specialist service is not only to comply with the law and to meet the legal minimum requirements, but also to provide value-creating energy solutions that reduce costs and save energy for our partners.

As part of our energy specialist service, experts with many years of experience help our clients:

  • to comply with the law and other legal requirements,
  • to measure and to give detailed analysis of the consumption data,
  • to investigate incoming utility and other energy bills
  • to prepare and upload full monthly and annual reports,
  • to explore optimization options.

Take advantage of our energy specialist service and be a satisfied partner.