Green energy procurement

Shifting to renewable energy is one of the main challenges for businesses these days. As a result of PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), i.e. green energy procurement agreements, however, this process becomes smooth and at the same time profitable. Such agreement is directly concluded between the producers of renewable energy and the consumers to acquire electricity for a beneficial price. There is no need for special investments, or for any physical connection between the sites of businesses and the solar cell parks for the clients.

By virtue of our services, your business may acquire a significant price advantage, in addition to which the purchased amount of electricity might as well ensure even 50% of your energy need for use!

Free consultancy service

By our free consultancy service, we desire to support clients that need assistance regarding the optimization of electricity and natural gas procurement.

In addition to such consultancy, our staff as procurement specialists may be of assistance to you in all phases of the procurement process. For guaranteed cost reduction, please make contact with us.